Software Craftsmanship

Who are we?

Koodur OÜ carries on the engineering spirit that is required to design and build IT solutions that make sense. We're devops with an emphasis on open-source deployment. We're registered in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. We also enjoy travelling and you can meet us every year at FOSDEM.

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What do we do?

Koodur OÜ focuses on tackling complex infrastructure problems using open-source components and sharing the knowledge via trainings. Koodur OÜ is proud member of Estonian Free and Open-Source Software Alliance called Alvatal and we're actively contributing to Estonian open-source know-how.

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What is it to me?

Open-source is integral part of today's IT solutions, but understanding which components are available, how mature they are and how they fit into a particular scenario needs help of an engineer. That's where we kick in to lower the IT solution development costs and maintain sustainability of the solution in the long run.


We have experience dealing with LTSP5 based terminal-servers since 2008. We have deployments running on Ubuntu 12.04, Debian Wheezy and we're working on perfecting the Ubuntu MATE 14.04 based LTSP deployments right now. Our LTSP deployments have smart card support which make it possible to use Estonian ID-card on our terminal-servers.

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Workstation management

We're currently managing hundreds of our customer workstations using Puppet and we're working on perfecting the software distribution and deployment mechanisms using LXC containers and Btrfs filesystem snapshots. We're getting close to reducing Ubuntu machine deployment down to 5 minutes regardless of machine count.

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Centralized authentication

We use Samba4 and OpenLDAP to build free substitutes for Active Directory. Integrating user directory with modern e-identity solutions such as Estonian ID-card is crucial for building IT infrastructure which people enjoy using. Our centralized authentication solutions are compatible with both Linux and Windows workstations.

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Wireless networks

Most enterprise network solutions are expensive due to the enterprise labeling. We offer OpenWrt based wireless networks using the same hardware that is already present in certain consumer grade wireless equipment. It's the chipset that matters, not the packaging.

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Private cloud

Setting up private OwnCloud instance isn't rocket science. We can help you set up and maintain your on-site OwnCloud server and other services you may need. Have your photos uploaded from your phone and share it with friends or co-workers in no time.

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We're training beginners in following topics: virtual private networks (OpenVPN, Strong­swan), fire­walling (iptables), programming (Python), API-centric web (Falcon), relational data­bases (MySQL, Postgres), containers (LXC), modern filesystems (Btrfs). Drop us an e-mail for a quote.

Koodur OÜ

Vilde tee 121b-118, Tallinn, 12613, Estonia